Posted by: ae | March 13, 2010

Love Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler is the inspirational woman behind the Vagina Monologues and V-day, the campaign to end violence against women and girls everywhere.

Watch her talk about embracing your inner girl. Ensler argues that all women and men have a group of girl cells – cells, which have been suppressed and oppressed.

Here is one of my favourite moments from Ensler’s talk:

“And then let’s think how compassion informs wisdom, and that vulnerability is our greatest strength, and that emotions have inherent logic, which lead to radical, appropriate, saving action. And then let’s remember that we’ve been taught the exact opposite by the powers that be, that compassion clouds your thinking, that it gets in the way, that vulnerability is weakness, that emotions are not to be trusted, and you’re not supposed to take things personally, which is one of my favorites.”

V-day is a global movement to end the violence against girls and women. Learn more at



  1. I have attended the Vagina Monologues for the past two years. It is not only an entertaining experience, but an empowering and educational one as well. Eve Ensler’s message is inspiring. I truly believe every woman needs to attend her show and learn about their femininity, their body, their sexuality, their vulnerability and their strength through other women’s stories.

  2. I finally got a chance to watch that video. It think it may have changed my life.

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