Posted by: ae | April 4, 2010

The G(irls) 20 Summit, June 2010

What an amazing opportunity for young women, ages 18 to 20 (sadly, not me).

The G(irls) 20 Summit, modeled after the G20 summit, will invite one young girl from each G20 country to participate. The purpose of the summit, which happens in Toronto, June 2010 is to put the economic economic empowerment of girls and women on the agenda at next years G20 summit in France.

Why this is great?

Besides the obvious reasons, the G(irls) 20 summit looks for grassroots’ solutions to global economic and social challenges regarding girls and women.

Online: People are encouraged to sumbit solutions to the challenges that the G20 summit should address. They ask: “What specific actions or initiatives should be put in place to fully maximize the prowress of girls and women?”

One week prior to the summit: twenty girls from the G20 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, UK, USA, and the European Union) will gather together to provide G20 leaders with recommendations about the direction they need to take to realize the goals set out.

What are they looking for?

Young women who are passionate, forward thinking, and solution oriented. Applicants must be 18-20 years of age, representative of the transitional years between girl and womanhood.

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  1. What would your answer be?

    • I think education is the most important, especially for young girls to feel personally empowered. Not to mention the economical benefits of an educated population. I think access to birth control and contraceptives is also important for women in developing nations. Access to birth control and contraceptives allows women protection from unwanted or untimely pregnancies, diseases and infections.

      How would you answer the question?

  2. Education is a potent tool in the emancipation and empowerment of women. The greatest single factor which can incredibly improve the status of women in any society is education. United Nation’s enormous pressure with regard to the uplift of the plight of women in terms education is still in the state of an enigma for several reasons. No single factor or cause can be held responsible for very low literacy rate of women i.e. Subsequently it is associated with combination of many factors including social, cultural, economic,educational, demographic, political and administrative and other factors which has to be addressed first for the progress of girls and women in society.

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