Posted by: ae | May 3, 2010

Conservative Senator Re: Maternal Health Policy — “Shut the f–k up”

Conservative senator Nancy Ruth told a meeting of international women’s rights groups to “shut the f–k up” regarding maternal health initiatives in developing countries. In response to recent controversy surrounding the government’s plan to omit funding for abortion from its maternal health policy for developing nations, Ruth advised women’s groups that pushing the abortion policy was not the right strategy.

Many women in third world countries die obtaining back alley abortions. Many of these women became pregnant because of lack of available birth control and in many cases, because of rape. Often the parent(s) cannot provide for the children they already have. If maternal health is the issue, then maybe keeping women alive to raise their children should be a top priority.

Nancy Ruth said “To deal with more altruistic things, even though I think we should, is perhaps not relative and not a seller right now.” Basically, while the Tory government wants to appear to be altruistic with their maternal health initiative, they won’t discuss anything that won’t benefit them at the polls.” They won’t discuss how safe, accessible abortion in third world countries could prevent suffering and death for many women.


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